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Situated amongst the South Shropshire Hills in the Norman town of Clun home of the Clun brewery. The brewery was cobbled together in 2007 by the owner of the White Horse Inn, Jack Limond and rocket scientist, Matt Williamson.

Previous experience came from Matt who had home-brewed avidly since his time at university and Jack's memories of his dad straining hops through the greenest handkerchief in creation to create his highly potent Chaldon beer in the seventies. Truthfully Jack didn't know a lot about ale except he liked drinking some of it and he loved selling it.

Our first foray into brewing was using a burco boiler similar to the one in which your grandmother would have washed her smalls. We used a five gallon plastic home brew barrel inserted into the burco to carry out the mash. This wasn't entirely successful as often their would be a five degree temperature gradient accross the mash. Strangely though we managed to  brew quite nice beers. 

We did this for about two year searching for the holy grail of replicating a brew. This however was not to happen or if it did we had forgoteen what the first brew had tasted like. So in late 2009 we decided to bulid a proper brewery. Using the help of the Rural Enterprise Grant at Herefordshire council we commisioned Graham Moss from Mossbrew to build us a 2.5 barrel brewery. This was slowly put together in one of the garages to the rear of the White Horse Inn at the end of 2010. Thus from January 2011 we have been brewing using proper brewing equipment. 

We bottled our first beers in 2013 and although at present have only done this once. We plan to continue bottling our beers very soon.